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Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Diet, stress, and exposure to toxins take a huge toll on our bodies. Much of the food we eat, and the beverages we drink lower the body’s pH, and accelerate damage to tissues, which results poor health and premature aging.

Ordinary water does nothing to help. Today’s drinking water is laden with toxins, and treated with so many chemicals that it has been rendered a lifeless, tasteless liquid. Fortunately, LIFE water ionizers are equipped with cutting edge filtration systems and potent water ionization technology designed to restore water to its natural healthy state.

Beneficial characteristics of water produced by LIFE Ionizers:

Health benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water:

  • Detoxifies at the cellular level
  • Helps maintain a healthy pH balance
  • Age fighting antioxidants
Dr Oz "Is your water causing cancer" Part 2
Dr Oz “Is your water causing cancer” Part 2

Saving Lives

Doctors save the lives of poisoning victims by giving them an intravenous solution of sodium bicarbonate, which raises the pH of the patient’s urine to about 7.5 – 8.3. The high alkalinity created by the sodium bicarbonate in the patient’s body saves them from dying through a process called ion trapping, where alkaline ions in the blood bind to toxins, which are acidic. Drinking ionized alkaline water causes the stomach to produce natural bicarbonates which allows the body to detoxify through urinary ion-trapping every day.


Weight Loss

Ionized alkaline water helps the body maintain proper pH balance, which in turn promotes healthy, natural weight loss. Dr. Robert O Young, author of: The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, states that the epidemic of obesity in the industrialized world is result of acidity in the body because excess acids are stored in fat cells. Raising the body’s alkalinity can promote healthy weight loss:

“Your body can-and will-let go of the excess fat, if your food and drink are alkaline … all that acid-binding fat will just melt right off. There will be no need for the body to hold on to it anymore.” –Dr. Robert O. Young.

Dr Oz "Is your water causing cancer" Part 3

Dr Oz “Is your water causing cancer” Part 3

Aging is the result of damage to bodily tissues by organic acids, and by active oxygen (free radicals). Alkaline water can help protect your body against aging in two ways by Neutralize acids and Scavenge free radicals.

Alkaline water is an important part of maintaining a healthy pH balance, a balanced body heals naturally. A body that is too acidic will be ravaged by free radicals, and can develop numerous diseases such as arthritis, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.

Better Bone Health

According to a U.S Surgeon General’s report in 2004, one out of every two Americans over 50 will be at-risk for bone fractures caused by osteoporosis by 2020. In the opinion of LIFE’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Peter L. Kopko D.C:

“Absent the side-effects of certain prescription medications, which are certainly a risk factor for osteoporosis, the underlying primary risk factor is chronic acidemia.”

Chronic acidemia refers to a constant state of acidity in the body. It has been well documented that the traditional Western diet of protein-rich foods and the over consumption of soft-drinks, coffee and alcohol can lead to a chronic low-grade metabolic acidosis. The physiological response to this acidosis is to leach calcium out of our bones to buffer this systemic acidity. Two ways alkaline water can help maintain bone density:

A proper diet, supplements, and ionized, alkaline water work together to maintain bone health.

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Alkalinity for an Active Lifestyle

Drinking alkaline water has benefits for an active lifestyle. Proper fitness begins with proper hydration and alkaline water can super-hydrate your body!

  • Microclustered for better hydration
  • Helps maintain body temperature
  • Neutralize exercise-induced acidosis

Water molecules normally cluster in groups of 11 – 16 molecules. Electrolysis breaks up large molecule clusters in a process called microclustering, which reduces water molecule clusters to groups of 5 – 6. Microclustered water is easier for the body to absorb, which allows it to hydrate faster and more efficiently. Micro-clusters of mineral-bearing ionized water deliver nutrients more efficiently to the cells, and proper hydration helps the body maintain its temperature efficiently.

When exercising, you are consuming more oxygen and metabolizing energy through muscle work. This process creates free radicals, lactic acid and a mild metabolic acidosis. Drinking alkaline, ionized, micro-clustered water can help ameliorate all three of these byproducts of exercise. Water that has been alkalinized can help neutralize exercise-induced acidosis, and can act as a free-radical scavenger to neutralize free radicals created by accelerated oxygen consumption.

Other Alkaline Benefits

  • Alkaline, ionized water is great to drink, but it has many other uses as well:
  • Great for soaking & sprouting seeds, nuts, legumes, grains & more
  • Makes healthier smoothies
  • Add to acidic fruit juices to make them alkaline
  • Soups (Makes soup taste better). Storage of fruits & vegetables— they last much longer. Removes pesticides, herbicides, waxes & more from fruits & vegetables.
  • Great for any recipe that calls for water.

Acid Water Benefits

Water ionizer machines produce two kinds of water, alkaline water and acid water. The acid water produced by a water ionizer has benefits too:

  • Natural astringent for healthy skin
  • Gargling fights bad breath
  • Helps sanitize burns and wounds
  • Amazing hair, healthy scalp

Acidic ionized water has an astringent and constricting effect; it will tighten and smooth your skin and is particularly effective in the treatment and prevention of pimples and rashes. Natural acidic water has a slight disinfecting and sterilizing ability, which makes it effective in treating minor skin wounds. It even kills the bacteria that cause bad breath!

Amazing, Incredible, Fabulous Hair!

One of the best kept secrets about water ionizers is that acid water is amazing for your hair. Your hair has a slightly acidic pH, many expensive salon treatments have an acidic pH in order to protect and condition hair. Acid rinsing is good for your scalp, it helps prevents hair loss, dandruff, and scalp itching by keeping your scalp healthy.

Acidic water is a miracle for hair; it makes even difficult hair manageable, and leaves hair feeling soft. For people with very long hair, an acid rinse is a must! Rinsing hair in acidic water seals the follicle shaft, making hair much less likely to tangle and break.

The benefits of an acid rinse for hair are easy to see from the very first rinse. People with long hair will see a huge reduction in split ends and breakage right away. Frizzy, dried-out hair becomes a thing of the past!

How LIFE makes the best water on Earth

High quality systems like LIFE Ionizers use custom-configured pre-filters to take harmful toxins out of tap water while leaving in beneficial minerals. The water is then ionized which puts an electrical charge on the minerals dissolved in the water, and creates helpful ions.

The ionized alkaline water gains negatively charged hydroxyl ions which attract free radicals, which are positively charged – this neutralizes them. In the body, negatively charged hydroxyl ions attach to positively charged toxins in the cells; this detoxifies the body at a cellular level. The negatively charged ions in alkaline water produce high pH (11+) and –ORP potential (over -800), which makes it a powerful antioxidant. Life’s ionizers also micro-clusters water for better hydration, all this in a glass of water